Future Market//work in progress

(archival research) (2020/ongoing)
What does the future hold? Can you buy it? If you search for products of the future online, you’ll find inflatable air lounges and personal neck fans. In response to this hollow commodification of destiny,  this online marketplace was built where shoppers can find a live listing of ‘future-washed’ products. The marketplace is used as an archive to help understand the changes, patterns and meaning behind the future washed products. 

This work is a research to dominant images of the future imbedded in our daily consumerism. This market place compiles all “future-washed” products for sale online, in real-time. The Future Market place reflects on the highly constructed images of the future and the way these condition us. The Market shows us our future can be bought in the now.

This archive is the start of an ongoing investigation to the semantics of future aesthetics and storytelling.