a perfect school (2019)

Games as research tools; a speculative game with the title “build your perfect school“.

This game was initiated by OFFFENCE collective with the goal of getting ourselves out of the typically discursive modes that we often find ourselves in, as a big group. The game was instrumental to activating the group and to start putting ideas on the table and have a more inclusive conversation.

The aim of this game was to find out what we think a perfect school should look and feel like, what values it would be built on and what the life of a s tudent could be like. We didn’t set any goals for an outcome and introduced only two rules to the game. Each round a new element could be added by each player with the rule of establishing a clear comprehensive system, through colors or textures, that the others could understand and follow.

A moment to see how our thoughts would flow, how our perspectives on education have evolved through the collective and what we agree on as a group.The benefit of this approach was that our ideas could co-exist on the same table. We didn’t have to vote or be democratic.

This project was developed with the OFFFENCE collective.