Underconstruction | to be updated soon!!

 1/13 OFFFENCE collective, together we initiated and developed an autonomous educational program, which actively questions established systems of institutional learning. 

Currently in developement: Seasonal Supperclub together with Noa Jansma. A performance dinner that focuses on the human immersion with the ocean, and her other(worldli)ness.



A pledge for focusing on a better present, so we can imagine better futures [may 2020]
One cannot avoid littering thoughts when seeing the gathering of lost plastics floating in the ocean. Floating above the invisible undersea internet cables. While the one hand digs holes by pressing a button, the other hand lets the cables sink from the ship. All vibrations come from the constant state of the ever changing permanence.
The data flowing though the cables up the stream, consists of pledges made for motion, growth and bettering lives. Pledges driven by the strategies of capital that has the power. Promises are made in spite of the ragged minds and bodies of nature. Now we find ourselves at the onset of an event, crossing the border of the damaged zone, an epidemic. The zone that was predicted but left out of the strategy. Damaged zones have always been the reality for others but never for us. Now it is clear that the system made for growth and motion forgot about the surfaces that bind the volumes together and still it believes bankruptcy to be the ruin, not extinction.
Captain, who will help you take the salvage from the sunken ship when you are all alone?
Art must seek for co-existence and humanistic enlargement of horizons, fighting and counter act upon the exertion of control and power; predominance implies that other options exist. Other options that might seem as non existent to the untrained eye. Where borders are drawn, monsters appear.
With the use of other languages art can train us to define one-selves with the other, instead of against. My individual work explores strange encounters between complex systems characterized by a range of life forms, social structures, inanimate things and technologies. U nderstanding, re-modelling or de-modelling dominating constructed standarts that are only made for the few. I try to look for friction between the politics and poetry of things, through inefficiency. Without a single truth or captain.